* Nowadays, SMS services are becoming the best tool for clients who need to deliver mass advertisement and promotional campaigns, announcements, etc. SSHO provides the opportunity to send bulk SMS campaigns to selected users with no effort, using a specific sender ID. 

* Efficiency and Effectiveness: Desired targets can be reached in the most efficient and effective way. 

* SSHO specializes in providing services in the MENA region through SMS, MMS, IVR and other services.

* Bulk SMS messages are sent from MTC Touch and Alfa SMS gateways through the direct SMPP connection.

* SSHO's services have the lowest cost in the market, with a guarantee of SMS delivery to the targeted user. With a massive database, SSHO offers its customers the option to choose their targeted users by age, gender, location, profession, Fixed Lines/ Prepaid… with no additional cost.

Three Simple Steps to Reach Your Target:

          • Choose the targeted users and specify the number of SMS to be sent
          • Pay the total cost of SMS and submit the message text to be sent.
          • Specify the date and time of sending the messages, along with the needed sender ID.


          • Message Text: The length of one SMS is a maximum of 70 characters for messages written in Arabic characters; and a maximum of 160 characters for messages written in Latin (English) characters. Any message exceeding the mentioned limits  will be processed and billed as two or more messages.
          • Sender ID: Sender ID should be in Latin Characters with a maximum of 11 characters
          • Minimum Duration: A minimum of two working days are required for acquiring any sender ID ( starting on the day the request is places).


          • SSHO's direct connection ensures SMS deliverance to users by providing a report of 5% of the numbers to which the SMS was sent.



Feel free to contact our user friendly team @ SSHO Media Representative, we can be contacted at 01 788 200  and Email ID: info@ssho-me.com