SSHO Media Representative is now offering Facebook Advertising! Advertise on Facebook and reach a whole new audience! With targeted advertising, Facebook can reach potential clients that Google AdWords will not! Facebook is the most popular and largest growing social network and Facebook Advertising unlocks a new brand of online advertising.

Target your advertising by location, age and interests and have your site generate traffic through Facebook.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is the largest and most popular Social Network and provides a wide range of advertising potential.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  • Targeting – Facebook Advertising allows you to target your audience, through location, age, gender, education, relationship status and more. Facebook targeted Advertising allows for a whole new audience that is potentially interested in your service or product.

  • Reach – Facebook is the largest and most popular social network and it is growing rapidly. Reach a new online audience with Facebook Advertising.

  • Images – Use images to visually sell your products and services. Facebook not only allows for images but also more text than Google AdWords and this can promote the more visual products and services that you offer!

  • Cost – Facebook Advertising has less competition and as a result is very cheap to run. Facebook provides a huge potential for online advertising.


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