Lebanese Football League

The Lebanese Premier Football League represents one of the biggest sports in Lebanon. Its activities cover 7 stadiums based around the country, and attract crowd from every district. The football League and Cup are receiving more and more excitement from sports fans every year. 12 teams are competing to win the big title and be able to represent Lebanon in the Asian and Regional championships. 

SSHO offers exposure to its clients via on-site banners, found in two courts during the 8-months period of intense competition, broadcasted live On Al-Jadeed TV channel. The two courts are Sports City and Saida Stadium.

* The Lebanese Football League is being Broadcasted by Al-Jadeed TV every Saturday and Sunday at 17h45m from two courts Sports City, and Saida Stadium.

The league consists of 44 aired matches, which are going to be played in both Sports City and Saida stadium.

Banner size: 6m x 1m
Duration: 8 months



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