Mobile Billboard Trucks in Beirut Lebanon

Our Out of Home (OOH) truck advertising enables the client to reach the public with a message, which in turn can be branded in several ways. Those include:

- Full truck branding
- Sample distribution
- Special operations inside the truck
- A large double-sided ad space on dedicated mobile billboard units

SSHO guarantees that:
- All schedules and routes are custom-prepared to target your audience
- This service can operate anywhere in Lebanon
- Live online GPS tracking
- 6 to 8 hours of campaigning per day
- Quality billboards

Our years of experience and unmatched service provide our clients with the unique capability to target specific markets with moving ads – anywhere in the country, any time of day, any day of the week and any specific audience. Whether you are looking for mobile billboards in Beirut or New York to advertise your company or services, we are the right people to plan and implement your mobile advertising campaign. You can track the entire campaign with your laptop from the convenience of your breakfast table while enjoying your coffee on a Sunday morning.

Our reputation is dependent on the success of your advertising campaign in attracting new customers and business. To make sure that your mobile billboard advertising campaign is successful, we assign an Account Manager to cater to all of your account management needs and a Production Manager to manage all of the last-minute changes that we know you love to make. Your Production Manager will also assist with impression reports and the planning of the mobile billboard truck routes.


Feel free to contact our user friendly team @ SSHO Media Representative, we can be contacted at 01 788 200  and Email:

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