Al Mulhak News

Al Mulhak News Co-sponsorship enables the logo of a brand to appear as a sponsor on the following pages (Newspaper Headlines, Economics, Horoscopes, Sports News …). The 120,000 Mulhak news subscribers can visit the brand’s website by clicking on the logo found on the page


  • Double U has a 24/7 news room providing continuous coverage for all events, locally and regionally
  • Al Mulhak news is specialized for smart phone users which delivers the emails directly to their mobile.
  • 120,000 subscribers
  • Interactive service through “We report”

    Daily news includes:

  • On the spot event News
  • Daily newspaper headlines sent every morning
  • Daily horoscopes sent every morning
  • Three News summary related to politics, economics, sports and weather
  • etc


    Feel free to contact our user friendly team @ SSHO Media Representative, we can be contacted at 01 788 200  and Email ID: