SSHO's Google And Facebook PPC Management Services

At SSHO, it is our business to understand your business and develop a tailored Pay Per Click marketing strategy that provides clients with the best value and return on your investment. We combine expert knowledge of Microsoft and Google search platforms with powerful proprietary technology and professional analysts who understand what it takes to run a successful PPC campaign. With experience in hundreds of industries, we bring the knowledge and expertise needed to create effective marketing strategies that will give clients businesses a competitive edge in any market.

SSHO's Tools – Technology

We go far beyond bid management and keyword selection by offering market research, testing services and effective strategies that result in highly successful campaigns with more leads at a lower cost per conversion.

Although we love technology and algorithms, it is our team of talented experts that makes our digital marketing campaigns so successful. To make the most of our advanced technology and achieve the best results for our clients in the Middle East, we use a team of digital marketing experts backed by years of industry experience.

Our advanced technology allows us to track clients' entire campaign – including impressions, clicks, conversions, sales and phone leads. Keyword bid management and audience segmenting tools give us the power to deliver highly targeted ads for a higher conversion ratio. Our proprietary PPC technology allows clients and analysts to monitor real-time campaign progress. Using advanced data and metrics, we can make instant changes to adapt client campaign to current market conditions and capitalize on trends. By offering the bestreturn on your marketing investment, our clients keep coming back year after year.

SSHO's Approach to Google Adwords And Facebook PPC

Over the past decade, Pay Per Click advertising has grown enormously and so has the competition. To give clients a competitive edge in a competitive market, we combine cutting-edge technology with ongoing campaign management services.

Running campaigns with a set it and forget it mentality is a dangerous proposition and an easy way to get left behind or lose valuable marketing cash. Our constant campaign monitoring services adjust strategies to current market conditions. In a world where advertising costs, buyer habits and seasonal trends are always in play, we adapt your PPC campaign to deliver the best results for your marketing dollar.

We have taken the old marketing triad of identifying, locating andconnecting with the customer and adapted it to the digital advertising platform where we can target audiences by age, gender and location to deliver selective marketing solutions that each customer will identify with.


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